New Building Floor Plan and Features


 Below you’ll find the floor plan for each of the three floors of the new building. Here are some additional features:

  • Building is three stories above ground with footprint of 7,763 SF.
  • Total building area is 23,289 SF.
  • Building’s frame is structural steel with concrete floors (non-combustible material).
  • Building elevations are stucco finish with 5 feet of brick wainscot.
  • Building is provided with an elevator (2500 LB).

First Floor – Multi-purpose Hall

First floor contains ± 4000 SF. Multi-purpose hall, kitchen, bookstore and storage.multi purpose floor model

Second Floor – Class Rooms and Conference Halls

Second floor has 16 Sunday School classrooms and conference halls.

class rooms-Model

Third Floor – Basketball Court

Third floor is Multi-purpose for church and youth activities.

basketball court-Model