Project Progress Report

We received the following project update from the construction management company and would like to share with you.

Project: Coptic Church of St. Mark Parish Center
Lot 9 Block 20802
421 Westside Avenue, Jersey City 07304 Job #: ALL114
Date: 04-11-14
Subject: Project Status

Work in progress: Demolition Preparation & Main Permit Approvals


In order to demolish the residential houses prior to the construction of the new building the following requirements needs to be satisfied:

Underground Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tank permits or certification that no tanks exist: the tanks were removed.

From 08-19-2013 to 08-23-2013

Unfortunately one of the five tanks had holes and town inspector didn’t pass it and we were asked to contact to DEP. As per the DEP regulation samples need it to be collected in two different stages to
determine if there is any contamination due to the tank or not it, the investigation started 09-2013 to November, 23-2013.

Due to the investigation results, the soil was contaminated. Removal, disposal and replacement of the soil were required and site assessment and environmental controls were involved.

Due to high weather impact, Public Work authorization, holidays time and the controlled environmental process to dispose the soil the job was delayed from 12-25-2013 to 03-15-2014

Job is completed

Please Note the soil amount was more than expected, the excavation were over 12 feet down from the existing grade and parallel to house front elevation

Removal of gas and electric services.

  • Removals of the services were on hold due to the bank loan approval.
  • The letters were submitted to PSEG to terminate the service on 1-15-2013.
  • The process usually take from 2-4 months.
  • The service termination letters were received by 03-14-2014

Disconnecting & Capping Water and Sewer Lines

Permits and request to Jersey City Public Work in order to close and cut the street to cap the water and sewer. Permits were submitted 04-01-2014.

Due to Pulaski skyway construction and traffic engineering regulations of Jersey City, process on hold until the dates and times of street closers can be allowed and directed by the traffic department. Street work will be allowed only from 10 PM to 4 AM

Please Note the Cost of the road work will be increased due to the following:

  1. Renting generators to light up the work area
  2. The cost of the Police officers for working at different normal hours
  3. The cost of the labors for working at different normal hours
  4. Building Inspectors and Local authorities for working at different normal hours
  5. 6 hour working time, only per day which will increase number of days 

Asbestos Abatement -certification

“stating that the requirements of USEPA 40 CFR 61 subpart M . have or shall be met.

Job Completed.

Main Building Permit:

  • The design plans were completed and finalized to accommodate the church needs.
  • The Plans were submitted for Soil erosion approval.
  • The plans were submitted for MUA approval 1—15-2013, approvals were received by 02-21-2014.
  • The plans were submitted to Township approval 02-24-2014.
  • Initial review for the plane were received by 03-03-2014.
  • The plans were revised to comply with local jurisdiction by 04-11-2014.