Youth Meeting

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A Church without youth, is a church without future,
and youth without a church, is youth without a future.

Saint Mark Youth Meeting

Saint Mark youth meeting is a fellowship that brings college students, college graduates, and newly married couples to serve God and one another. The service fills and enriches our youth mentally and spiritually to overcome the temptations of the world.
Each week we discuss a topic that will enlighten and strength our faith to live a better christian life. The meeting will consist of varies activities every week, such as Agpeya Prayer, Singing spiritual songs (Taraneem), fun activities, a spiritual word, and Agapy.
The meeting is designed for Arabic and English speakers.

Upcoming Events

Saint Mark Youth Meeting

Below are some of the cool activities that we do weekly, come and take the blessing.
And as always bring a friend!

Agpeya Prayer

Every week we start with the Agpeya Prayers. Praying is an essential part of our meeting, prayer opens our hearts and helps us connect with God.

Spiritual Songs

Every week we sing multiple songs in English and in Arabic. Singing spiritual songs also works as a key that opens our hearts to receive the word of God. So we can all sing with David the prophet saying “Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; …” (Psalm 50:23)

Church History, Rites, and Dogma

As Coptic Christians we should be well informed with our church rites, history, and Dogma, so our holy traditions don’t become habitual practices.

Spiritual Talk

The spiritual talk is the main section of our weekly program. Each week we open one of the many topics that concern the youth in our society and some of the issues that we face daily. We have different speakers, experts at the field in which they teach, to try and fill us with the word of God. Some of the talks will be in Arabic, English or both for the benefit of everyone.

Sketches and Plays

Every now and then, we will have a sketch or a play that will demonstrate one of the issues that we have in our society and how it effects our youth.

Open Discussions

Occasionally, we will have an open discussion to discuss some of the questions that boggle our minds. It’s a great way to make new friends and learn from the experiences of one another.

Agaby Meal

And of course the Agaby meal . Every week, we will enjoy a fellowship with the youth with an Agaby meal. It’s a great time to make new friends and enjoy some delicious food.

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