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Repose of Dr. Maher (Michael) Kamell


Dr. Maher (Michael) Kamell passed away peacefully at his home on Monday, May 5, 2014.  Dr. Maher played a key role in the founding of St. Mark’s in 1970. Dr. Maher and his wife opened their house to newcomers and helped new immigrants who came to New Jersey. He authored many books, monographs and articles in French, English and Arabic in the field of psychology, education, philosophy, religion, aesthetics and Middle East studies.

We remember Dr. Maher’s love and service to St. Mark’s and its congregation and ask for the repose of his soul.




class rooms-Model

New Building Floor Plan and Features


 Below you’ll find the floor plan for each of the three floors of the new building. Here are some additional features:

  • Building is three stories above ground with footprint of 7,763 SF.
  • Total building area is 23,289 SF.
  • Building’s frame is structural steel with concrete floors (non-combustible material).
  • Building elevations are stucco finish with 5 feet of brick wainscot.
  • Building is provided with an elevator (2500 LB).

First Floor – Multi-purpose Hall

First floor contains ± 4000 SF. Multi-purpose hall, kitchen, bookstore and storage.multi purpose floor model

Second Floor – Class Rooms and Conference Halls

Second floor has 16 Sunday School classrooms and conference halls.

class rooms-Model

Third Floor – Basketball Court

Third floor is Multi-purpose for church and youth activities.

basketball court-Model

Progress of Cheerful Giver Campaign

The Lord has moved the hearts of many to support the progress or our Cheerful Giver Campaign. Among the list of Cheerful Givers, some of the needy families and people who came from Egypt insisted to contribute. The list includes many names with heroic stories. Some of them are single parents, people who sold their jewelry, students who donated their entire internship’s wages and people who got loans to donate. Such amazing people left no excuse for those who did not donate cheerfully and generously until now.

Donate now to show your support.